Serving MASTER at London Fetish Week – 12th July 2014

Real BDSM story as tweeted on @HotGay_UK sex feed on 20th July 2014

Full Fetish was the biggest event of the London Fetish Week calendar.

We had already attended a Bondage Masterclass and an FF Party in a south London dungeon on previous days. This was the big one!

It was being held in an old theatre converted into a fetish playground for the night.

As we waited we kept seeing hot and sexy guys, some in full leather and some in shiny full rubber gear passing by, ready for a big night!

Eventually we were inside, got changed in the VIP area, where MASTER locked His collar around cuntboi’s neck. #OWNED

i am MASTER’s fully owned slave “cuntboi” and His collar is an important symbol of ownership for all to see.  MASTER attached the dog leash and led me downstairs.

We had arranged to meet with one slave who i have been mentoring recently. The meeting place was the main bar, in the centre of the club, overlooking the large dancefloor.

MASTER took up a position, standing overlooking the dance area, next to a specially designed pup play space. #woof

 i first served MASTER drinks before taking my place, at his feet, kneeling, hands behind my back, MASTER held me by the leash. “Worship my boots boi!”

Enthusiastically i started to kiss MASTER’s boots all over, first the left, then the right. My arms around his boots, exposed ass in the air.

The music was fantastic and created a horny atmosphere as more and more hot guys arrived.

Another hot pup arrived – pup “brock”, who is a BDSM friend and i have been mentoring recently. He was wearing a red mohawk haircut, chain collar, jock and boots. He greeted both of us and had a short conversation before MASTER had other ideas.

MASTER first had pup brock start worshiping his right boot alongside me, as I carried on his left boot. 2 hot asses in the air, causing a horny scene at the bar!

Some other friends came to say hello, some hot guys just came to respectfully to introduce themselves to MASTER as they loved what they saw.

“Lick my chaps” MASTER pointed to pup, “Follow the line”  pointing at the red leather stripes on his chaps.  Lick, lick, lick, lick – both pup and boi worshipped MASTER’s chaps.

MASTER took a long leather paddle that had been hanging from a clip on his chaps. Long enough that he could reach both asses as we worshipped his leather clad legs.

“Whack, whack” pup left cheeck, “whack, whack” pup right cheek, “whack, whack” cuntboi left cheeck, “whack, whack” cuntboi right cheek. “Thankyou MASTER!”

“Whack! Whack! …Whack! Whack!….” the punishment continued as we licked. More paddling, then MASTER ordered pup to lick my arsehole.

i was allowed to worship MASTER’s crotch as pup’s tongue explored my hole. Lick lick lick!

Then MASTER unclipped his riding crop, “Boots boi!” we both took a boot each. i rained kisses on MASTER’s left boot as he rained strokes of the riding crop on both our exposed and reddening cheeks.

A couple of athletic, fetish guys MASTER and i had met in Berlin appeared. They had seen the action and the one who knew me best came over an introduced himself.

“Couldn’t help noticing that hot ass from over there – I’d like to fuck it later” MASTER agreed! Meantime MASTER had other ideas “Suck him boi”

I took his soft cock in my mouth and started to make it hard.  It was a large, good looking dick and I sucked him until he was fully hard and ready! “Not now boi, later”

“Kiss him!” MASTER ordered pup brock to kiss me. We had never kissed before but we locked mouths and tongue kissed deeply on our knees in front of MASTER, and in front of everyone watching.

During this horny scene slave toptank arrived. He was going to assist MASTER for some of the night.  We got ready to explore the place. “Come on boi!”

MASTER led me on the leash to through the crowds, with toptank and brock in tow. We looked around and found the sling room.

“Get in the sling boi!” minutes later I was lying in the sling restrained by leather restraints, feet by MASTER and hands by toptank who was assisting MASTER.

MASTER put on black latex gloves, covered his hands in Crisco, and then started to slowly ….yes, slowly ?1 ….open my hole.

This slave was very thankful that MASTER was taking care, and warming up his boi’s cunt.  As there had been a long night of fisting the previous night at Jackhammer club.

His fist slid in and he worked my hole, building up the movements, starting to fuck my slave cunt. Then harder. Then a LOT harder, using the sling, swinging it right back! “THANKYOU MASTER!”

“Yeah boi…take it!” I was restrained, locked into the sling at MASTER’s mercy. He started fist my hole HARD while pup and slave toptank watched on.

“AAAhhh fuck, fuck!”  Sling swinging, chains clanking!! :-o

“Ready for the toy boi?” MASTER wanted to show how much abuse his boi could take. “Yes please MASTER!”

He took his favourite dildo, quite thick but short in comparison to the rest; one he would use sadistically on my ass!

He worked it in quickly all the way to it’s full length – 10 inches. Then started to fuck, and fuck , harder and harder, sling swinging wildy. “Uuuggh, ooooww….” I moaned and swore.

MASTER drilled his boi repeatedly for everyone to see. Harder each time! This horny activity was attracting quite a lot of interest. Other guys keenly watching the action.

When MASTER judged his boi had taken enough, he took out the candles. This was going to be different. slave toptank helped him light 2 candles! Yes 2.

“Fist him pup…while I wax him” pup brock took up his position and started to play with my used hole.

Then just as pup brock slid his “paw” in, MASTER held two candles over my abs and exposed cock and balls.  Holding my balls up in their metal ball-stretcher to receive the hot wax dripping down!

Sensation overload!  The feeling of being fisted and being waxed simultaneously “Aaaaahhhhhh, aaahh, oooh fuck, fuck! “  “Thankyou MASTER!” “Thankyou pup!”

Some clover tit clamps were attached to my nipples. Waxing moved all over my body. Cock, balls, legs, abs, chest, arms!!.

MASTER gave one of the candles to slave toptank, they took up positions either side, left and right.

Both sides of my body were being abused with hot wax as pup brock continued to “paw” my hole!!  “WHO is your MASTER boi??!”  “YOU ARE MASTER, thankyou MASTER!” I squirmed, moaned and groaned at the abuse.

This very hot scene attracted A LOT of attention with many people coming to watch the hot and horny action!!

This continued until both candles were just about spent.  “Good boi!” My head was completely buzzing, with pain and pleasure sensations. I had been abused for quite some time!

MASTER needed to piss at this point so without cleanup, he got me out of the sling and led me covered in wax to the wet room. A very large pissing play area, with a pool, bath tubs, etc.

Once there, MASTER stood on the side of the pool. i crouched in front of Him to receive a long stream of his piss, on my face, in my mouth, on my chest and body!! :-P

MASTER was pleased to see his boi taking his piss, submissive and humiliated in front of everyone.

There was more to come. MASTER took the leash and led me, with pup brock and slave toptank to the bondage area.

There were guys being bound on various pieces of equipment and sounds of CP across the room!  Spiders web, hoist, scaffolding, stocks…

MASTER found the St Andrew’s cross and assisted by slave, tightly restrained my hands and feet to the cross. i was almost hanging by my wrists!

Not sure what was to come, it started with a paddle, not sure which one. It was harsh and stang. “WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!…”  MASTER was not holding back.

He paddled and paddled my exposed ass. i gasped, and grunted, and swore “FUCK!” It continued, hard! i felt overcome with emotion. #punishment

i whined, and sobbed, difficult to hear in with the background noise. Then cried, tears rolling down my cheeks as the punishment continued!!  “ MASTER!”

The bruises from that punishment would last at least a couple of weeks! “WHACK, WHACK!”  More tears. A slave takes what his MASTER sees fit.

Once over, the next thing i felt was hot wax being dripped on my shoulders, back and ass cheeks, very sensitive after the punishment. #ouch!

“Fuck, aaarrhh, ….thankyou MASTER!”  “please no, NO” as my ass cheeks were pulled apart. i was in real fear of my asshole being burnt!!

To remove the wax, MASTER took a flogger and started to flog the wax off.  All over, then he asked slave toptank to finish the job “Thwack! thwack!”

By this point i couldn’t take any more. My hands were numb from hanging there and so had to respectfully ask to be released. Phew!! Wow!!! :-O

We returned to the main bar to give MASTER refreshments and also to let me recover from the abuse and punishment i had received.

The athletic muscled dom appeared again and I was ordered to suck his dick along with pup brock. #yum

He then tried to fuck me on all fours, in front of the bar, but it didn’t last as was too public for him. We drank and rested before MASTER wanted to visit the wet area again.

A muscled German sub had seen MASTER earlier and wanted to take his piss. MASTER obliged by feeding him piss and pissing all over him!

Then a hot Spanish sub sucked MASTER’s big cock, as i was ordered to suck the subs large dick. A lot of sucking, then i was ordered to piss on another bearded sub, who took it in the face, and drank some, the rest running down his rubber.

MASTER wanted to abuse my hole again so led me back to the sling area. He soon had my hole open and was punching my cunt! Using his boi, with fists and then larger and larger dildos!

In between we visited the wet area for more piss. I drank MASTER’s piss again and also a hot leather dom, came and pisses all over my head, directly on my hair, piss running down all over my body. #humiliated

MASTER finally drilled my hole with 12+ inch dildo hard and fast as the end to the night!  “thankyou MASTER!”  

Before finally taking me to piss over a hot couple who were lying, 69 fisting in the piss-pool.  I pissed on his head and mouth as the lay there!! #hot

“Ok boi, its time….you have made me proud tonight boi!”  Exhausted but very happy to have made my MASTER proud, we left the dungeon area, saying goodbye to the hot German sub on the way out.

It was a FFantastic night, with many hot guys, a great atmosphere, and MASTER really used his slave boi hard that night!  Wow!!!

London Fetish Week 2014
13th July 2014 - Kneeling in front of MASTER while he locks on HIS collar. Click!

London Fetish Week 2014

13th July 2014 - Kneeling in front of MASTER while he locks on HIS collar. Click!

MASTER’S 1st Year of Collaring cuntboi – 19th Apr 2014

Real BDSM story as tweeted on @HotGay_UK twitter feed on 20th July 2014

Berlin Leather and Fetish weekend 2014 – MASTER and his slave boi visited Berlin again for the 2nd time…

The previous night had been a hot and horny visit to Lab where MASTER drilled cuntboi hard all night…

…including alongside 4 other hot subs/slaves. At various times being fisted “chariot” style. MASTER with a fist in each hole side by side!

Tonight MASTER was taking cuntboi to the best gay fetish club on the planet – Snax!  He was going to be displayed and used for everyone to see.

Many in the club was going to see cuntboi serving his MASTER, being used and abused hard, making his MASTER proud throughout the night.

The queues for the club were l-o-n-g as so many hot men were waiting to get in.  The coat check queue was hot as fuck, with a lot of sexy guys waiting in their fetish gear!

MASTER and i changed into gear, soaking in the dark and sexually charged atmosphere. MASTER wore leather chaps, shorts, waistcoat, bicep strap all with red stripes denoting fisting.

i wore a leather studded jock, red and black leather harness, wrist and ankle restraints, red socks and leather army boots. MASTER’s muscled sex slave, cuntboi.

Then on my knees, head bowed, MASTER puts His collar around my neck. His symbol of ownership. “Click” the padlock locks me into MASTER’s collar. “Thankyou MASTER!”

Tonight was to celebrate the 1st anniversary of my being collared by MASTER in exactly the same spot. A very big occasion.

He attached the leash and led me to one of the main bars. “Come on boi”. Very busy, we arrived as a guy was being fucked by a big muscled top in a sling hanging over the bar!

MASTER ordered me down on all fours “Lick my boots boi!”. Streams of fetish guys looked on as i licked MASTER’s boots all over, naked ass in the air.

Then MASTER positioned me, sitting back lifting his left boot so I continued licking on all fours, “Smack!….Smack! Smack! Smack!”

Warming up my arse cheeks, spanking with his hand first then taking a long leather paddle “Whack! Whack”…other cheek “Whack! Whack!”

“Fuck!….thankyou MASTER!” He made sure everyone who passed by saw his property worshipping His boots while being abused.

Just to emphasize who was Master, He pushed one boot down on cuntboi’s back. “Whack, whack, whack, …WHACK, WHACK! ….ah, phhh, thankyou MASTER!”

All this attracted some attention of some hot guys who wanted to join in, but MASTER just wanted to display His slave in the bar. “Good boi”

Then there was some crotch and chaps worship before MASTER led me down some dark corridors to another bar with a group of 4 leather slings nearby.

“In the sling boi…” …MASTER fastened my restraints to all four chains holding the sling. Hands and feet couldn’t move.

He then produced a red candle and lit it “Make me proud boi!” MASTER then started to drip hot wax around my cock and balls…

…then directly ON my balls and cock, I gasped, moaned and squirmed with the pain “Mpph, aaaah….THANKYOU MASTER!”

MASTER continued up to my chest, my tits, arms, over my abs, legs, back to my cock and balls….”Who’s your MASTER boi?!” “YOU are MASTER!… thankyou MASTER!”

This carried on until the whole candle had been used.  This also attracted quite a bit of attention from guys who were just arriving.

“Clean yourself boi”….i was released from the sling to clean off all the wax from my body, before being led to another corner on the other side of the bar.

A single point suspension sling was there, visible to everyone near the bar and i would serve MASTER a lot there on this night.

After fetching MASTER a drink from the bar He ordered me into this new sling. Feet in the air, ass exposed and ready to be used.

Black latex gloves on, MASTER started to open His slave’s hole with one then the other hand. In no time He started to get tough with his boi.

He began fisting harder and swinging the sling, letting my opening cunt swing back onto his fist! “ Yeah boi!” “…ahhh, oh fuck!! „„thankyou MASTER!”

MASTER ffucked my slave cunt open before switching to His favourite dildo, a thick black over 10” rippled toy.

Sliding it halfway in my ass, He started to take it deeper, and deeper until He had it all the way up to the hilt!

Then he started to drill my cunt harder and harder. Making the sling swing wildly back and forth as he shoved into my hole, FULL length!!  “FUCK boi!” …“Thankyou MASTER!”

After this pounding, MASTER needed to piss. Once I was back on my knees again He ordered “Take my piss boi!” pulling His cock out from His leather shorts, worn under his chaps.

As a good slave, i wrapped my mouth around the head of MASTER’s cock and waited for His piss. It soon came, and flooded down my throat.

Mouthful after mouthful of my MASTER’s delicious piss. Didn’t spill a drop! “That’s it…gooood boi” said MASTER smiling down at me.

Time to go to the main downstairs bar again. MASTER leading the way, his slave on the leash, passing lots of hot guys who looked on.

MASTER was enjoying displaying his property. Next to the bar again, I worshipped MASTER’s chaps. On all fours, licking and kissing all over.

He took another paddle and disciplined His boi, as i licked His chaps and boots. Showing everyone looking on who was MASTER. “Thwack, thwack, thwack….!!!”

Happy with that it was time for more heavy ass use. Back into the single point sling, MASTER had a new idea “Put on the electro boi!”

This meant putting electro-loops around my cock, one like a cock-ring around both cock and balls, the second tight, just under the cock-head.

He started to fist fuck my ass “Switch it on boi….higher!”.  The electricity vibrated through my cock shaft making it rock hard.

He started to work my hole with his hands “Higher boi”.  It switched it to the next level. “Higher!” “ Aaah, uuuh, fuck”  really starting to fist my cunt.

The harder MASTER went the more intense he wanted the electro torture on my dick.  It was an increasing sensation of pleasure  and pain!

“Yeah boi …higher!”  “Yes MASTER, thankyou MASTER!”  “Higher boi!” Fisting hard now!  Electricity surging through my cock.

“Ok boi….ready for the toy?!” “Yes please MASTER” …He lubed up a big 12” dildo and started to fuck it deeper and deeper.

Once he got It all the way in he started to really use the sling movement. “Higher!” “FUCK….thankyou MASTER!” Then ramming it hard and faster!!! Wow!!!!

My body, cock and cunt overloaded with pleasure and pain sensations took a good pounding.  Electro at the highest setting!  :-o

During all this there gathered a small audience behind my MASTER watching Him and his slave taking this heavy abuse. MASTER was pleased with His work.

Time for more piss! After cleaning up and another drink it was time to visit the wet area. A big open pool of piss and subs waiting to take it. :-P

MASTER stood up on the side of the piss-pool and started pissing on a hot sub boy. He ordered me to join him and i pissed into a sub waiting with a funnel gag attached to his head.

Horny! …Zipping up, MASTER took me on the leash again and led me to low podium in the middle of a public area surrounded by guys.

They were chatting, drinking, resting, watching those who passed through from one doorway on one side to the other.

MASTER wanted to display his slave here. Some very public abuse was about to take place.

“Prepare to be sounded boi!” “Yes MASTER” …i brought out the sounding gear, laid it out on the podium and began to surgically sterilise everything.

There were 3 stainless steel sounds. 5 to 6mm, 7 to 8 mm, and 9 to 10mm in diameter.  The 10mm was the maximum I could take and was difficult to get in and a challenge to take!

We were surrounded by guys keen to see what was going to happen next. “Get ready boi” I lay on my back on the podium, legs wide and made my dick hard.

MASTER took the smallest sound and poured silicon lube onto it, then took my cock in one hand and put the tip of the sound in my piss hole!

He slid it in, further and further until it was all the way in – about 20cm. Then pulled it out and then back in. Fucking my cock!

He fucked it, and fucked it “uuuh….thankyou  MASTER!” Then faster and harder “oh fuck ….thankyou, thankyou MASTER”

He was abusing his slave for everyone to see. Next the 7 to 8mm. Again lots of piss hole fucking, and harder, faster. “ahhh, Fuck!”

Then the largest, pushing the 10mm end in until it popped through the slit and slid home deep! “FUCK…mmmph….Thankyou MASTER!!”  “That’s it, good boi!”

“Who is your MASTER boi?!”  “You are MASTER…I’m YOUR boi MASTER!” More hard fucking of my cock, the audience wide eyed!

The display over, it was time to move on to the next event. That wasn’t long in coming when slave “ligatio” turned up. Hot muscled Australian slave wearing jock, harness and boots.

He presented himself to MASTER, after having watched the sounding display. “Please accept my apology for being late MASTER”  (He should have turned up much earlier.)

“Mmm, follow me slave” MASTER took him for some punishment nearby.  He put him a sling and took another candle and proceeded to wax him all over.

Slave ligatio took it well. MASTER didn’t stop until the whole candle was used. That would teach him not to be late.

Next we went to an area where MASTER wanted to fist ligatio and cuntboi chariot style.  MASTER started by opening my ass first then ligatio joined.

2 slaves, on a raised wooden platform, side by side, on all fours, heads down, ass in the air facing MASTER. I felt MASTER’s right hand at my hole.

i could see slave ligatio’s reaction as i turned my head. We shared poppers as MASTER’s fisting got stronger, faster and deeper!

“Fuck!….yeah boys!” “Good boys!” As MASTER drilled us both together for quite a few some time.

Then MASTER took me to kneel next to his side, at a sling, while i looked directly at ligatio’s ass and MASTER fisting him on his back this time!

Once MASTER had had enough of ligatio’s hole, he took us both to a new area of the club where there was a big bar, and space to flog!

He ordered ligatio over a stool and me on all fours nearby so he could flog us both at the same time. First ligatio “Thwack, thwack…thwack, thwack!” both cheeks.

Then my ass got it. It was a medium flogger with a good thud! Back and forth between us. Followed by a long paddle “Whack! Whack! WHACK!” Harder, stinging!

This went on for a while until both our asses were red and glowing. J

Ass-work over for now, it was time to return to the podium area for another display.  This time of cuntboi and ligatio together!

We cleared the area. “Kneel there slave” ligatio knelt on the podium. His jock and harness were removed. MASTER started to bind his cock with black rope.

He bound his cock and balls tightly and then “Cross your hands boy” bound his hands in front of him as he knelt. Next came the rubber bandages!

Starting down at his wrists next to the rope, i was instructed to help MASTER wrap ligation in rubber, up one arm, around his shoulders, around his mouth acting as a gag! Then down his other arm.

He could breath through is nose. His eyes were wide with anticipation. “Here boi!” MASTER pointed in front of His feet..

A tall and athletic Dutch Master was looking on at all this. i knelt down and MASTER placed a leather hood on my head, tying the laces tight. Then tit-clamps on my tits!

He then had me kneel towards ligatio, up on the low podium and ordered me “Suck him boi!” I sucked the slaves cock through the zip mouth of the hood!

As I sucked MASTER then started to fist my cunt as i knelt there. And unseen by me, the Dutch Master the moved behind slave ligatio, pushed him forward to raise his ass and started to fuck him hard!

This 4some was being watched by quite a few passersby. What a scene! Not that I saw it J

When both MASTERs were satisfied with their pounding, it stopped and then my MASTER dismissed slave ligatio to go and continue to serve the Dutch Master.

They moved on somewhere else in the club. My MASTER led me to another bar for a drink and kept me licking his boots, chaps and crotch.

Once refreshed, I was taken to the single point sling again. Feet restrained, cock rock hard with anticipation.

MASTER used both hands to open up my cunt, fisting steadily, progressively harder. Using the sling, pushing it back so my ass would fall on His hand.

He then worked his hand in deeper and deeper into my hole. Working it more than ¾ of the way down his forearm! Wow!

Then He got more sadistic. Making a fist and punch fucking my hole. In, out, in, out….”Fuck boi!….punching your cunt boi!!”

The sling swung wildly but controlled by my MASTER’s left hand as he attacked my cunt showing little mercy. “Thankyou MASTER,  i’m your cuntboi MASTER!”

Then he switched to the biggest dildo, BIG, thick, cock-shaped, over 12” long!  He worked it in, slowly at first so my second hole got used to it. All the way!

Then he started fucking with it.  Hot guys were stopping to watch all this action. Swinging back and forth. Fucking with its FULL length!

Then harder, and harder - really ramming it in His slaves hole, and faster the sling swing hard with the motion.”Fuck,….aaahh, FUCK!”  “Say what boi?!” “..THANKYOU MASTER!”

It was so intense, i couldn’t cum. My MASTER was using and abusing me as he saw fit. i am His property to use as He sees fit. He was enjoying abusing his slave, showing everyone who is MASTER.

After that, i cleaned up all the Crisco mess and MASTER took me to a completely different part of the club so he could drink and relax.

Before finally returning to the bar next to the play space, where MASTER ordered me to face the bar, kneeling. I had to stretch my arms up and hold the bar, showing my back and sticking my ass out so everyone who passed by could see.

I had to stay in position for a l-o-n-g time while MASTER drank and enjoyed the admiring looks and comments. One hot Italian guy came over and complemented MASTER on how hot His slave looked.

“You made me proud tonight boi!” ….i had made my MASTER proud and so i was very happy, a perfect ending to an amazing 1st year celebration!

We finally left into the bright sunlight at 10am that morning.

14th Dec 2013 - MasterJack’s Dungeon
After being bound tight in Shibari bondage, and securely tied to the web by a skillful dutch Master - slave cuntboi is hooded, tits clamped by his MASTER, and is going nowhere!  Humiliated.

14th Dec 2013 - MasterJack’s Dungeon

After being bound tight in Shibari bondage, and securely tied to the web by a skillful dutch Master - slave cuntboi is hooded, tits clamped by his MASTER, and is going nowhere!  Humiliated.

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013
1. Just arrived - collared, leashed, gagged and kneeling before MASTER

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013

1. Just arrived - collared, leashed, gagged and kneeling before MASTER

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013
2. boi bowing at MASTER’s feet

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013

2. boi bowing at MASTER’s feet

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013
3. Bowing at MASTER’s feet - “Good boi…stay there”

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013

3. Bowing at MASTER’s feet - “Good boi…stay there”

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013
4. On the whipping bench to be punished - 50 strokes of the cane

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013

4. On the whipping bench to be punished - 50 strokes of the cane

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013
5. Tied tight to the whipping bench - 100 strokes of the cane!

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013

5. Tied tight to the whipping bench - 100 strokes of the cane!

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013
6. “Ok boi, in the sling” …hot wax to remind cuntboi who his MASTER is.

Serving MASTER in a London Dungeon - Apr 2013

6. “Ok boi, in the sling” …hot wax to remind cuntboi who his MASTER is.